A thorough and deep cleaning may look nice and feel good, but disinfection is a completely different ball game altogether. You need to do your homework before you plan to disinfect your office or surroundings. There is a very subtle difference between cleaning and disinfection. When you are selecting a disinfection service, you must know what exactly are you paying for.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is usually a term used just for surface cleaning. Often the cleaning professionals overlook the undersides of tables and the highly used items like light switches, armrests of the chairs, or doorknobs. These are the places which are touched most by us and everyone who comes to our office space. It is in these places that virus and infectious bacteria linger. Also, cleaning does not eliminate the foul smell from your space. While the cleaners offer stain removal services, odor removal services are often not included in deep cleaning. If you want to eliminate odor, bacteria, and viruses, you require more than just a deep cleaning.

Sanitization, Sterilization, or Disinfection?

Though Sanitization, Sterilization, and Disinfection are similar context but are very different in actual definition. Sanitization eliminates the overall existence of pathogenic microbes on surfaces. On the other hand, disinfection requires the disinfecting agents to remain on the surface for some time before they are effective. Disinfection involves the use of chemical agents, for example, EPA registered disinfectants, to kill surface pathogens effectively. Disinfecting does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or eliminates germs. But by disinfecting the surface, you can eliminate the pathogens that linger on the surface even after cleaning to further decrease the risk of spreading infection. This is why it is crucial to know what products are being used by a cleaning company and what process they employ to clean workspace. It is vital to keep your living space and your surroundings clean, especially in these tough times, where a clean and hygienic environment is our first priority.