Commercial Clean & Application of Disinfectants

We begin with a detailed deep cleaning of all surfaces in the space. This includes walls, all surfaces on furniture, hardware, windows, cabinets, all trim, staplers, appliances, staple pullers, computer screens and keyboards. Once this is done, we begin applying this industry leading disinfectant.  This process can vary with active pathogen environments.

Disinfecting today with the worlds safest and most effective product.

Disinfecting today with Chlorine Dioxide, 200 times more powerful than leading products.

Commercial-DeepWhy Choose Selectrocide Disinfectant?

  • Kills 99.9999% of Coronavirus, bacteria, viruses, and some spore formers
  • 200 times more powerful than bleach, peroxide, and ammonia
  • Sanitizes in 60 seconds, disinfects in minutes
  • Will not contribute to the creation of new superbugs
  • Won’t burn skin OR damage materials
  • Leaves zero residue with NO hand to chemical contact and NO rinsing required
  • EPA registered
  • Strong Regulatory Profile: EPA, FDA, FDA-FCN, USDA, OSHA, NSF, OMRI & many more…
  • Cost efficient
  • Hard surface disinfection including food contact/preparation areas. Can be sprayed directly with no rinsing or wiping required to protect you & your family *Our Product Is Shipped as a Dry Chemical, you Only Needing Water to Activate, Eliminating High Shipping Costs and Storage

This is a very unique no-rinse disinfectant and is also food safe

Applications for Fresh-cut Fruit and Vegetables

This product may be used to reduce spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms on cut or processed fruits and vegetables in food processing facilities, such as during flume and washing operations, and in other commercial food preparation areas. Depending on decontamination needs/contamination levels, use at concentrations up to 10 ppm to produce the desired microbial reductions on processed fruits and vegetables.