The Challenge

The Challenge:


Deciding What Works Best to Protect Your Environments:

Most people are being bombarded with a solution to mitigate Coronavirus exposure in spaces people work or congregate.  Our industrial hygienist reviews all these proposed solutions and creates a review of why these various approaches could be effective or not effective as a standalone solution.

First and foremost, one important scientific rule is you cannot eliminate elbow grease to clean surfaces to remove biofilms, dust, dirt, and lint to effectively disinfect surfaces.  No chemical or device eliminates this import action when it comes to killing or reducing bacteria or viruses from surfaces.  Additionally,  you have to look at the space as 360 degrees of surfaces, not just high touch.

Second, we had to combine several technologies to create a system that would offer sustained surface protection and will work in concert with traditional sanitation practices. We understand the need for specialized training using disinfectants and advanced technologies to contain and remediate harmful pathogens.  Finally, we concluded that without professional trained installers using a testing and validation method during installation, we had no way to assure our client or our insurance company what we did was working or beneficial.  This observation applies to ALL service providers. How can they prove to you what they have done worked and improved your environment.

A mountain of litigation is building, the decisions you make choosing what chemicals to use and who to hire to apply them, will determine your success or failure.  More importantly, using an approach that is not working potentially contributes to more infections and liability.  If you don’t have proof what you are doing is working, it might not be.

One important fact is our unique program offers proven science with proven products and insurance that help protect our clients with subrogation coverage for covid-19 lawsuits.  Good luck with your decisions.  Please contact us if you would like a presentation.

Your 24/7 Pathogen Defense

Our Defense System is designed to mitigate many pathogens including the Coronavirus. SureSafe Environment provides professional virus remediation and application of approved disinfectant services.