What We Do


“Harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold, mildew, odors, allergens, VOC’s, particulates and superbugs have proven to be very harmful and unmanageable in medical service environments and all buildings where people work and congregate.  We are exposed in 3 common ways, touching infected surfaces, human to human contact, and airborne exposures. Pathogens live and stay active for hours, days or even weeks inside our buildings without much resistance. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inside buildings is one of the leading causes contributing to many chronic health issues. Add to that, the overwhelming need for effective mitigation for biological organism control.

New building codes require airtight buildings that are compounding the impacts of long-term daily exposure for occupants and create an environment for pathogens to thrive. Current sanitation practices and disinfectants are not capable of managing the growing number of superbugs or improving IAQ. A new comprehensive approach is needed combining the most advanced
technologies, delivering sustained performance, through a system that adapts to current and future challenges.

Our team of professionals include Health & Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Mold Remediation. We developed a system that works in concert with improved sanitation practices combined with sustained performance for hands, surfaces and FDA cleared air purification with our System.  Our unique Pathogen Defense System is effective at reducing potential exposures and improving IAQ in the buildings we all need and occupy.

Your 24/7 Pathogen Defense

Our Defense System is designed to mitigate many pathogens including the Coronavirus. SureSafe Environment provides professional remediation services and application of approved disinfectants.