Odor Removal

Odors stemming from water damage, mold damage, sewage, and biological sources are invisible threats that can disrupt your workspace and your health. In particular, odor particles continue to be airborne many days after an event has occurred. Whatever the root of the problem, Suresafe has professional products, expertise, and specialty equipment to remove a wide range of odors so that you can breathe easily again.

Sometimes, multiple treatments are necessary during the odor removal process. That’s why we meet with you and walk you through the process upfront. In addition to providing step-by-step explanations and updates throughout the process, we work closely with you to develop the best solution for you and your space.


Your 24/7 Pathogen Defense

Our Defense System is designed to mitigate many pathogens including Sars Cov2. SureSafe Environment provides professional virus remediation and application of approved disinfectant services.