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We offer a comprehensive pathogen defense system that provides sustained protection for surfaces, hands and airborne contaminants. It mitigates the broadest range of pathogens including many resistant pathogens. We include subrogation insurance coverage for COVID-19 lawsuits and communicable diseases that is extended to our clients, after implementation.

Who We Are

About Us

Since the beginning, our focus has been to clearly understand the problems and challenges with minimizing and mitigating exposure to harmful pathogens including viruses. We continue to research most chemicals and products on the market to maintain the most advanced Pathogen Defense System in the world called the SureSafe Environment Pathogen Armor 360 Defense System.


Commercial Deep Cleaning & Application of Disinfectants

This includes walls, all surfaces on furniture, hardware, windows, cabinets, all trim, staplers, appliances, staple pullers, computer screens and keyboards. Once our surface treatment is applied it continually fights for 3 months 24/7.

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Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Once spaces have been properly sanitized and deep cleaned, we are ready to install our antimicrobial biostat barrier

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Air Treatment System

SureSafe’s FDA Class II Medical Device Air purification system for any size building or space. This technology is used on the International Space Station.

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8 hour Hand and Body Protection

FDA approved antimicrobial hand and body protection that last for 8 hours and breaks the chain of cross-contamination with Skin Guard. It’s the new gold standard in hand and body protection against many pathogens. It features a patented technology that kills metabolically rather than poisoning, providing an invisible shield that helps keep your skin soft. Skin Guard can help break the chain of cross-contamination, supporting healthcare efforts at home and work.

Odor Removal

Odors stemming from fire and smoke damage, water damage, mold damage, sewage, and biological sources are invisible threats that can disrupt your home and your health. In particular, smoke and odor particles continue to be airborne many days after a fire has occurred. Whatever the root of the problem, ServiceMaster Restore® has professional products, expertise, and specialty equipment to remove a wide range of odors so that you can breathe easily again.


Our Pathogen Defense Systems Unique Benefits and Protections


Suresafe Environment has developed the most comprehensive Pathogen Defense System in the world and It works around the clock. We have specialized training and guidance by a highly experienced industrial hygienist, and we have specific insurance for communicable diseases and professional liability coverage that includes subrogation.

Why Are Current Disinfection Efforts Not Working as Well as They Could?

ANSWER: The problem with frequent Disinfection efforts is they only help prevent exposure to active pathogens while they are WET! They offer NO future defense once they are dry. Our Pathogen Defense System, which includes multiple state-of-the-art products installed by trained professionals, will protect all treated surfaces for 3 months, around the clock and your hands and body for 4 to 6 hours with our new FDA approved antimicrobial hand and body gel and helps reduce airborne contaminates.

We have the insurance to prove it!


  • Professionally trained and certified applicators
  • Protects treated surfaces, porous and non-porous surfaces, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3  months. System (Independent lab test for the Human Coronavirus 229E for 1 min and 5 minute was successful)
  • State-of-the-art disinfectant (NO-RINSE REQUIRED) delivers a 6-log reduction (99.9999% effective) and is registered or compliant with the EPA, FDA, FDA FCN, USDA-NOP (Organic Material) and NSF to treat food and water worldwide. Also, food safe and food preparation surface safe.
  • Unique FDA approved antimicrobial hand and body gel that last 4 to 6 hours which can withstand multiple washes (8 to 10) including alcohol-based products.
  • Includes custom written protocols for each type of environment, created by an Industrial Hygienist which includes on-site testing to prove performance at each stage of the cleaning and disinfection process. Custom report after treatment includes a written summary and pictures of field activities to keep on file as evidence of compliance with the written protocols and a successful installation and treatment.
  • With our system installed, our insurance will subrogate your company if you are involved with a lawsuit caused by COVID19 or related issues. Our pollution policy includes communicable disease
  • Our system can be maintained, after professional installation, with your current custodial staff daily!
  • Our system is designed to adapt to the next pathogen outbreak without having to create a new system.
  • Affordable and sustainable.

Your 24/7 Pathogen Defense

Our Defense System is designed to mitigate many pathogens including the Coronavirus. SureSafe Environment provides professional virus remediation and application of approved disinfectant services.